If I upgrade to PGP Desktop, do I have to create a new keypair?


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This article details how to use your PGP keys if you upgrade or install PGP Desktop on a new computer.

PGP Desktop can use PGP keys generated by previous versions. If you are changing from one computer to another, use the following steps to transfer your keyrings.

1. Copy the keyring files (pubring.pkr and secring.skr) from the old computer to a removable media and transfer them to the following folder in the new computer: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\PGP\  (if you've never installed PGP on the new computer, you will have to create the PGP folder).

2.  Install PGP Desktop. During the installation process, the setup assistant, you are prompted if you are a new user, or if you already have keyrings. Select the radio button stating that you already have keyrings. Leave the location shown on the next screen at the default as this will be the same as the location provided in step 1.

3.  Open PGP Desktop and you will find that the old keys you were using in the previous version will be displayed in All Keys.