Error 1327: How to remove default folders from the .MSI?


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We have the user Favs/My Docs, etc registry user shell folders on people’s desktops and laptops pointing to their H drives.  Some msi manufactures rely on these registry user shell folders, and are depending upon them being available when installing. 

This works fine when you install package through the command line but when we “deploy” the same msi(s) through a deployment tool, we are receiving “invalid H drive” error.


Product: Wise Package Studio 5
Version: 5.6
Development OS: WINNT
Target OS: WINNT
Method: Package Distribution

The service account that is used when pushing out the package can’t recognize these user shells folders on it’s H, since it’s not accessible.


There are two options for removing directories from the installation that cause the 1327 error:

1.  The Favorites folder, MyPicturesFolder, PersonalFolder and other mapped directories can be deleted from the Directory Table to eliminate this error.

Once you move these rows, you have to remove it again every time you reopen the .MSI or .WSI.  If you reopen the .MSI or .WSI again later the folder will reappear.  This solution will only work if all work is completed and the .WSI or .MSI will not be reopened before deployment.

2.  Create a macro by going into the Edit Menu and selecting Macro.  This macro should delete the rows from the directory table using the 'On WFWI Action' On Save.
For example, if you want to delete the FavoritesFolder directory you could have the following code:

Set table = WTables("Directory")
table.WRows.DeleteKeyRow "FavoritesFolder",False