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How to use IT Analytics reports


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IT Analytics




After IT Analytics has been successfully configured, cubes installed and processed, and reports installed, reports can then be used.

  1. For Notification Server 6 (NS6), in the Altiris Console, click on the IT Analytics tab (or click on the Reports > IT Analytics menu for the Altiris Console 6.5)  > Reports.  If prompted to confirm a data provided, click on the OK button.  For Symantec Management Platform 7.0 (SMP7.0), click on the Home button > IT Analytics. Then click on Content > Reports.  For Symantec Management Platform 7.1 (SMP7.1), click on the Reports button > All Reports. Then click on IT Analytics > Reports.
  2. Click on the solution to report for, then on any of its available reports.
  3. For NS6, a Log In Name and Password may be required to be entered first to access the SQL Server.
  4. Click on the View Report button to view the report.

Note: Report data is not automatically processed by default. Ensure that cubes are processed on a schedule, as documented in the following article:

How to install IT Analytics report pack cubes, enable their processing, and install their reports

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