Package Servers download packages from the Notification Server only


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Where is the setting in NS 6.0 SP3 to allow package servers to only download packages from the Notification Server?

Previously in SP2 there was the option on the NS Console: Package Servers download packages from the Notification Server only.


A registry setting, PkgSvrDownloadFromNSOnly, has been added to the coresettings.config file. It replaces the Package Servers download packages from the Notification Server only option on the Status tab of the Package Servers page, which has been removed. It is set to 0 (disabled), by default, allowing Package Servers to download from other Package Servers and the Notification Server.

When set to 1 (enabled) the following applies:

When there are no sites defined – Package Servers will only download from the NS.
When sites have been defined - Even if the core setting is enabled the Package Servers will continue to download from other packages servers within its own site as well as the NS.

When properly configured to allow unconstrained Package Servers to download packages only from the Notification Server, the CoreSetting.config file will contain the following entry:

<customSetting key="PkgSvrDownloadFromNSOnly" type="registry" regKey="Notification Server" regValue="PkgSvrDwonloadFromNSOnly" defaultValue="1" regValueType="DWORD" />

The registry will also contain the following REG_DWORD key (value set to 1):

HKLM\Software\Altiris\eXpress\Notification Server\PkgSvrDwonloadFromNSOnly

Note: Using the NS Configurator tool to make the configuration change will properly set both locations.

Note: Be careful of the spelling as the system expect the registry key to be misspelled as highlighted in red above.