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Common commands used with Patch Management for Linux.


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Patch Management Solution for Linux


 Common commands used with Patch Management for Linux.


The following commands can be ran on the client:

aex-refreshpolicies: updates policies from the NS
aex-invrulescollector: send Patch Inventories from the client to the NS
aex-sendbasicinv: sends basic inventory from the client to the NS
aex-cta ts: displays the date the client was registered and when it was last checked
aex-cta list: displays the current processes and recent processes / runs
aex-patchinstall -i: Lets the user initiate the Software Update Cycle on the client.
aex-patchutil policy list  Shows status of all current policies on client
To get more details in client log file, run the following commands on the client
aex-helper agent -s configuration debug_file_size 600 (default is 200)
aex-helper agent -s configuration debug_level devnote (to change back to normal level set debug_level error)