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About Archive Messages functionality


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Your organization can maintain copies of the messages that violate specific policies. To use the archive feature, you must specify the action Archive the message when you create a content filtering policy.

This feature can be useful to your organization in any of the following scenarios, just to name a few:

  • You want to prepare for a potential lawsuit against an employee or other organization

  • You must maintain records for regulatory compliance purposes

  • You want to retain records for certain groups of employees

When messages trigger a policy violation with the action to Archive the message, Symantec Brightmail Gateway copies the messages. It sends the copy to one or both an email address that you specify or an archive server.

To archive messages, you must have Full Administration rights or rights to modify policies.

To specify where to save archived messages:

  1. In the Control Center, click Content > Settings > Archive.
  2. In the Archive email address box, type a complete email address, such as [email protected]
  3. In the Archive server host field, type the name of the archive server host.

    This server host is the host name or IP address for the archive email address that you provided in step 2.

  4. If you provided an Archive server host, in the Archive server port, type the server host's port number.
  5. If you want to route archive messages with MX Lookup to locate the information that corresponds to the archive server host, check Enable MX Lookup.
  6. To make the archive server information available to all of your existing policies, click Apply to all current policies.
  7. Click Save.


Table: Archive page




Archive email address

Provides the complete email address to where archive messages are sent.

Archive server host

Specifies the computer to which to relay archived messages (optional).

Archive server port

Specifies the port for the archive server host (optional).

Enable MX Lookup

When this option enabled, routes archive messages with the MX information that corresponds to the server host.

When this option is disabled, archive messages are always routed to the specified archive server host.

Apply to all current policies

Applies your archive server settings to all of your filter policies.


Saves your changes.


Discards your changes.