After moving eXpress database to another server, Deployment Solution Consoles and AClients are still connecting to old SQL server


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The eXpress Deployment Server database was moved from one server to another. The database was still left up and running on the old SQL server just in case there were problems.

The ODBC DSN pointing to the eXpress database server was manually changed to point to the new SQL server on all Deployment Solution Win32 Console computers.

When the Win32 Consoles loaded, everything looked normal, except that they could not connect to any computers running AClient. Also, if a new computer was manually created, it did not show up in the console. It was later found (after changing the DSN to point back to the old SQL server) that the newly created computers were showing up there.

All kinds of chaos and connection anomalies were ongoing after the move.

Deployment Solution 6.5


After running DSInfo.exe, it was found that the DB Manager and services were still connecting to the old SQL server, and not the new one. As a result, the consoles were connecting to the new database, but everything they were doing was being transactioned on the old database.

Contributing cause: The Default.cfg on the Deployment Solution server had entries in it still pointing to the old SQL server, and as a result, the DB Manager and other services were still connecting to it when they loaded.

On the Deployement Server, edit .\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\default.cfg and change the following values to the correct settings:

  • SQLDatabaseName= <new SQL server name>
  • ServerIPAddress= <new SQL server's IP address>