Setup Capture general questions


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Following is a list of some tips on using the Setup Capture tool.


1. The Setup Capture Configuration Tool should be run on a machine that contains the OS that will preform captures prior to completing the first capture.

2. Build an exclusion list using the Setup Capture Configuration, then continue to maintain it by adding additional exclusions to it over time in the Exclusions dialogs of the capture.

3. The Repackage.INI is located at the Root of Sharepoint on the server as is available to all client users unless restricted through Enterprise Edition.  WisePSSC.INI is available in the Windows directory on the local machine.  Both files contain the exclusion list used to complete a setup capture.

4.  Select either the "Use configuration file on the Sharepoint" (Repackage.ini) or "Useconfiguration file on local machine" (WisePSSC.ini) from the Welcome dialog by selecting the Change button.

5. Reboot after executing of .EXE during caputure process, then start up the application to ensure to capture any additional registry values.

6. Look through the inclusion dialog for files, keys and ini files to make sure nothing has been picked up that should not have been.

7. When performing the capture, the machine that you are running the application on should be clean with no other applications installed.