Patch Management Statement Regarding PMImport Service Goals
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Patch Management Statement Regarding PMImport Service Goals


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 What are Symantec's Service Goals for the Patch Management Import (PMImport) data?


Patch Management Statement Regarding PMImport Service Goals:

Symantec considers the distribution of Microsoft security patches a very serious and important task. Symantec makes every effort to release the PMImport CAB file (the file containing the data and inventory rules necessary for Patch Management Solution to work) in a timely manner following the release of new Microsoft Security Bulletins.

Historically, Symantec has released the PMImport within 24 and 48 hours of Microsoft’s public release of new Security Bulletins. It is important that customers understand that in conjunction with the release of new PMImport cab files, Symantec conducts extensive testing of the patch related data, install command lines and inventory rules that make up the PMImport.

If quality related issues are discovered during the testing process, it is possible that Symantec would choose to delay the release of the new PMImport cab file. Accordingly, Symantec has established the following Service Goals as it pertains to the release of PMImport cab files for new Microsoft Security Bulletins:

Standard PMImport − English/Invariant Languages
24 hours

Standard PMImport − All Other Supported Languages, and Office 365 Updates
48 hours

Symantec will make every effort to reduce the amount of time required to produce the PMImport.  Please note that these are suggested time frames and not guarantees of the Service Goal.

Advisory: Please note that this goal of release is an estimation, for the more intricate/large releases may take longer pending each release date, quantity and QA testing to ensure quality and integrity of the updates are maintained during the release. Released updates may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond control.

Additional Information

Please review KB 180967  for release information regarding each PMImport version.


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