How to Pre-stage a Package Server in Notification Server


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)






How do I pre-stage a Package Server?




This information is valid for NS, all versions.  This process works best when all package servers are configured to receive all packages. 1

  1. You first need to have or create a Package Server.  This is to create the folder structure that will be needed to pre-stage other package servers. 1  There is no other way to do this directly from the NS.  If one is to be created for the first time, make it a local server with high-bandwidth to the NS if possible so the files and folders can be copied quickly.
  2. Once the package server is 100% in synch and up-to-date with the NS, copy the packages folder to a new location (i.e. network share or DVD).  This is found under the Altiris Agent folder.  You should copy the entire "Package Delivery" folder.  In order to prevent issues where the package is pointing to a different location rather than the default one (...\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\), delete the log.xml, package.xml, and snapshot.xml for all the packages that you want to pre-stage. These files will be recreated when the package server is setup.
  3. On the new server, install the Altiris Agent, but do NOT yet configure it to be a package server in the NS Console.  This will be done in step 5.
  4. Once the Altiris Agent is fully installed and ready, copy the "Package Delivery" folder into the new NS Agent folder, just as it was found in step 2 above.  Even if you are specifying an alternate location, this is where the folders should be placed.
  5. In the NS Console, configure the server to be a Package Server.  When the Altiris Agent installs the PS Agent, it will see the folder and then verify all the packages in it, updating or removing whatever is necessary and creating the virtual directories for clients to retrieve the packages from.


1  There are options when configuring packages to not copy all packages to a package server, but to select specific package servers.  Be aware that if you have a PS that is not receiving all packages, the PS folder may not be complete.

2  This is time-sensitive data.  If you update your packages, then the folder is automatically out-of-date, and any package servers created from this data will have additional data to download from the NS