How to use the Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool to collect data for Support


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This article relates to a legacy tool.  For details on using SymHelp, the currently-recommended tool, please see How to collect data for a Symantec Support case using Symantec Help (SymHelp)


 To generate troubleshooting data for Symantec Technical Support, please follow the steps below to run the SEP Support Tool:
- Open the utility, and accept the license agreement.
- Place a check mark next to each category that is relevant to your issue, and then click Next.

- After the utility has finished collecting data, click Collect full data for support

 - This data is saved by default to the root of drive C,with a filename in the following format :
"<computer name>_<date>_<time>_full.sdbz"   
Note: The report file has an expected size that ranges from 1 MB to 10 MB. 
If the report file is over 10 MB, please speak with your technical support agent for an alternative method of submitting the file,