AltirisAgentInstSvc (Altiris Agent Installation Service) Command Line Parameters


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




The following are the command line parameters for AltirisAgentInstSvc (Altiris Agent Installation Service) that can be used for installing the Altiris Agent.

-u URL URL to download the Altiris Agent setup program from. This is an HTTP site. This parameter is required.
-s server_name Name of the Notification Server that the Altiris Agent will report to (without leading \\). This parameter is required.
-w URL URL that the Altiris Agent will use to report to the server. This parameter is required.
-d path Destination path the Altiris Agent will be installed to.
-c chunk size Size (in bytes) of data to download each time. If omitted, 1 KB is used.
-p pause_interval Time (in ms) between downloading each chunk. If omitted, 25 ms is used.
-exe Forces the program to run as an executable under Windows NT /2000/XP/2003, ignoring any service registration to this executable. This option has no affect under Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, or Me.
-checkonly Forces the program to check that the Altiris Agent minimum requirements are met. Details are displayed on screen.
-notrayicon Specifies that the Altiris Agent will not show the tray icon on initial startup. This will be overridden by the Altiris Agent Settings policies as soon as they are downloaded.
-nostartmenu Specifies that no start menu will be installed for the Altiris Agent.
-preconfig If specified, the program and the Altiris Agent will use the existing client proxy configuration. If omitted, both will attempt to connect to Notification Server directly.
-accUserName user_name User name of the Agent Connectivity Credential (ACC).
-accUserPassword user_password Encrypted user password of the Agent Connectivity Credential (ACC).
-? or -h Shows the usage dialog.

 The following are examples of how these command line parameters can be used:

  • -u Client Package/AeXNSC.exe -s
  • -w -d C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent