Adding directories to the PATH environment variable


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How do I add my project's directory to the PATH system environment variable?

Refer to entries in the Directory table when adding directories to the PATH system environment variable. For example, consider an installation with a default directory of "Program Files\Example". The INSTALLDIR entry in the Directory table contains the path to the default directory.

To add the default directory in your installation to the PATH system environment variable:

  1. On the Environment Variables page in Installation Expert, select the Feature to add the PATH system environment variable from the Current Feature drop-down list.
  2. Click Add. The Environment Variable Details dialog appears.
  3. Complete the following fields on the Environment Variable Details dialog:
    • Name: PATH
    • Value: [INSTALLDIR]
    • Operation: Set value on install and delete on uninstall.
    • Replacement: Append at the end of current value.
    • Windows NT/2000/XP system environment variable: Mark this checkbox.
  4. Click OK to close the Environment Variable Details dialog.
  5. Save and compile your installation.

After completing the steps above, your installation adds the default directory to the PATH system environment variable. During uninstall, Windows Installer removes the default directory from the PATH system environment variable.