How to change managed Symantec Endpoint Protection(SEP) client to unmanaged SEP client?


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Solution 1: Uninstall managed SEP client, reboot and install unmanaged SEP client using install routine from Symantec DVD or ISO image.


Solution 2:

1.     Logon SEPM management console, click Clients and build a new group
2.     Move the SEP client to this new group
3.     Edit the Liveupdate Settings policy, choose “create Non-Shared Policy from copy” , enter “Server Settings”, choose use a liveupdate Server.
4.     Choose Advanced Settings->check “Allow the user to manually launch liveupdate” “Allow the user to modify Liveupdate schedule” “Download Symantec Endpoint Protection product updates using a LiveUpdate server”   Then click “OK “ to save
5.     Expand the Location-specific Settings, click on the “Server Control” ,change it to “Client control”. Ok to save.
6.     After a while, right click on SEP client icon and update policy. 
7.     Click Start -> Run -> input command “smc  -stop”
8.     Locate to “C:\Program files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\”, use Notepad to edit the sylink.xml file, delete the content and save. Then the sylink.xml file will be a empty file.
9.     Delete the sylink.bak and sylinkex.bak file in the same folder
10.     Click Start -> Run -> input command “smc  -start”