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Re-cache the .MSI on a local computer


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How do I re-cache the .MSI on an end user's local computer?


You may want to re-cache the .MSI, if you have a small fix (such as a change to a registry key), but you do not wish to distribute a new patch or upgrade for the product. The most common reason for re-caching an .MSI is to fix a mistake in an already installed .MSI. The /fv command-line option for msiexec.exe (the Windows Installer service) runs the install from the original source and re-caches the .MSI on the local computer without requiring redistribution of the .MSI file. Note that transforms cannot be re-cached, and cannot be applied when re-caching an .MSI.

  1. Open the .WSI project file or .MSI installation file in Wise for Windows Installer, Wise for Visual Studio .Net or Wise Package Studio (Windows Installer Editor).
  2. Switch to Installation Expert and select the Product Details page from the Project Definition group. The Product Code for the installation is shown on this page.
  3. Open a command window and type the following:

    msiexec.exe /fv "GUID", where "GUID" is the Product Code for the installation.

    Example: msiexec.exe /fv {D03476AB-3DDB-482D-8B48-516077D6E50F}

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