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Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris) Notification Server Agent for Unix/Linux (Altiris)




The new aex-smf tool is available for 7.1 Symantec Management Agent for Unix/Linux/Mac.

The main point of tool is to provide information received from different agents (CTA (tasks) and SMF (only policy based tasks – Managed delivery)) in different places. Means that now by default aex-cta tool won’t show policy-based tasks. However for these users who still need  to see all tasks in one place, we left the possibility to see all executed tasks  in old manner using aex-cta – just type “aex-cta list –show-all-tasks” in terminal (to learn more information on how to use certain commands type aex-cta list help)



        aex-smf [options]

        aex-smf <command> [command-options]

Command line utility for working with Software management framework.


   --help, -h - Display this usage information and exit immediately.

           -v - Display Agent's full version and name.

    --version - Display version of the application.


    help        Display help on the specified command

    list        Displays SMF job(s) status

    swc         Works with SMF inventory


Run 'aex-smf help <command>' to learn more information on how to use certain commands. Elevated privileges may be required (sudo, etc.) to see and use all options.


Options for all agents are identical so that there is nothing new here

The "list" command in combination with certain keys can provide detailed information about the managed software delivery tasks. See aex-smf list help :


aex-smf list [--show-job-id]

aex-smf list <job-id> [--verbose]

Lists SMF jobs.



        Include job id in the listing


        Display job execution by tasks


        Display more detailed information

If agent didn’t receive any SMF job  aex-smf list shows message “No SMF jobs found”

Then if SMF job was executed it will show Name of the policy, Last run time, Next run time and Status:


Name                                                                 Last run time                              Next run time           Status


New Managed Software Delivery                2010-09-02 15:49:15                         NEVER                Failed




For detailed information, firstly user should run aex-smf list –-show-job-id that shows same as above but with policy guid

Then using this guid run aex-smf list <job-id> [--verbose] for detailed information.



That shows the status of all tasks performed under this Policy – applicability, detection check, downloading, executing, compliance.   (before aex-smf tool appeared, all  tasks were shown by aex—cta list;  It was awkward because in addition to cta agent tasks aex-cta list shows all tasks processed by SMF agent, which for each policy is at least 7 tasks)


Note!  Quick Delivery and Package Delivery is a task (not policy in case of Software managed delivery) and will be reported by aex-cta tool.


One more feature provided by aex-smf is opportunity to generate and send swc.dat file (contains list of installed software that will be used by SRM to generate report):



aex-smf swc [--scan] [--send]

Works with SMF inventory.



        Scans installed software components


        Send collected inventory to the NS



  aex-smf swc --scan    (to collect information about installed software)  
  aex-smf --send           (agent will try to send info about installed Software to the NS)