Why do I get duplicate computer names in the Altiris Database?
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Why do I get duplicate computer names in the Altiris Database?


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Why do I get duplicate computer names in the Altiris Database?


The Altiris Database often contains computers with duplicate names because the information about each identical computer name is different. For example, you may have a computer named "Computer1" that is part of a specific domain, but another import or discovery source lists "Computer1" as in a Workgroup. You can use one or more methods to import or discover computers, including Active Directory Connector, Network Browse lists, Deployment Solution Agent Configuration database imports, network discovery, and so on, but not all of these sources have identical information about the same computer. Some of the information in some sources may be old or incomplete.
Because Altiris software cannot determine which information is correct, it creates a duplicate record with the same computer name and provides the "Merge computers with duplicate names" tool (Configuration tab > Server Settings > Notification Server Infrastructure > Merge Computers > Merge computers with duplicate names) to allow you to review the information about the duplicate computer names and choose which version is correct.
Important: If the source of the incorrect information is not corrected or is not stopped from being included into the Altiris Database, the computer name will be duplicated again in the Altiris Database the next time the import rule, discovery, etc. is run. For example, if you have information that is out of date in a network browse list (using the resource discovery), the next time resource discovery is run, the duplicate entry will be added back to the database.
Enabling the Altiris Deployment Solution Agent Configuration policy also imports information about computers in the Deployment (eXpress) Database. That may also entries in the Altiris Database that have duplicate computer names.
We recommend using only one of the available methods to populate the the Altiris Database so you don't get duplicate computer name entries.