Database collation for Notification Server


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Is there a specific collation that is necessary for Altiris? Will changing the collation in SQL affect the currently working Notification Server and Altiris Database?


Altiris NS 6.x is tested with an English install of SQL Server with the collation of SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS.

Upon the creation of Altiris database, Altiris assumes the current SQL collation as per the Master Database in SQL Server. Changing the collation of the Notification Server database, master database or tempdb, either concurrently or independently is not supported and will likely have adverse effects for Notification Server.

Any combination of Case-Insensitive, Case-Sensitive, Accent Insensitive, and Accent Sensitive is supported as a sort order for a given collation.

Issues have been found with the following collations and are not supported:

  • Binary (BIN or BIN2) sort orders
  • Any collation using CP850


A related error message may be seen in the NS log when selecting the "Altiris Agent Installation" tool.  The error message will look similar to:

System.Data.SQLClient.SqlException:  Cannot resolve the collation conflict between ...

This message indicates that the current NS database was restored or moved to a SQL server with a collation that doesn't match the database.  NS code expects these collations to be the same.  As it is not possible to easily change database collations, resolution will require rebuilding the existing SQL server instance to match the NS database collation or moving the database to a SQL server with a matching collation.