How do I create a new Asset Status for resources in Notification Server?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How do I create a new custom Asset Status for resources in the Notification Server's database?

Notification Solution 6.0
Asset Managment Solution 6.1

CMDB 6.5


User wants additional Asset Status options.


Note: This information is from the Asset Control and Contract Management Solution documentation.

Configuring Custom Asset Status Values

In some situations, your company might use a status that is not one of the predefined values. In these situations, you can add a custom status value. The Asset Global Settings page is used to add and delete custom asset status values.

Note: Whenever possible use the predefined status values. Certain reports and functionality are built around the predefined values and will not be available when you use custom values.

Note: This page also lets you allow assets to be assigned to multiple users. See Allowing Assets to Have Multiple Users (page 113).

To configure custom status values

  1. In the Altiris Console, click the Configuration tab.
  2. In the left pane, select Configuration > Solutions Settings > Assets and Inventory > Asset Control > Asset Global Settings. (Configuration > Solution Settings > CMDB Solution > CMDB Global Settings)
  3. In the content pane, do the following:
    • To add a status value, enter the value [name of new status] in the Custom Status field and click the Add button
    • To delete a status value, select the value from the list of values, and click the Delete button. Predefined values cannot be deleted and are not displayed in the field.

4. Click OK.