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How to use the Axevent.exe to create DS jobs from the command line


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How do I create DS jobs from the command line?

You can use the utility Axevent.exe located in the DS share to create a DS job from the command line.

Check the Deployment Solution 6.5 Reference Guide for appropriate command-line switches.


"\\servername\express\axevent.exe test /n /y /f Test /trs \\servername\ITFimage\726693\CORE\Core.bat"

This command line assumes you want to create the job on your local DS. It pulls this database connectivity information from your DSN. Be sure to check your ODBC connections. This command may run without error if you are pointed to another DS and do not see the job on your local DS.

"\\servername\express\axevent.exe testjob /trs /n /y /f test c:\temp.bat /d servername /u domain\username /p <password> /lu domain\username /lp <password>"

Uses the /d switch to point to a database and pass a username /u and password /p credentials.

Whenever possible utilize the /d command switch to ensure you are using the right database.