How to reinstall the Symantec Management Agent to a machine that previously had it and the machine has a new operating system.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




If a managed resource gets a new OS, the machine will not automatically populate in the default filter "Windows Computers with no Symantec Management Agent Installed."  This happens because the database already has a record of that machine ID and has it listed as managed.  Therefore, the resource will not get a newly installed agent automatically.

To ensure the managed resource is removed from the database, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Before the machine gets the new OS, run the agent uninstall policy to that managed machine.  This will force the database to know before the machine gets the new OS that there is no agent there.
  • You can enable the Purge Maintenance Schedule.  This will remove any machines that haven't sent information in X days.  Please be aware that if you use this method, the new agent won't be installed until the purge has happened and the push has been enabled.  IE.  If your purge maintenance is every 1 month and the agent push is set for daily, then its possible the install won't happen for 31 days depending on when that resource last sent information before getting the new OS.
    • In some cases you can create a filter or report to assist in figuring out what resources need to be deleted.  Please see document HOWTO35961 for creating that.

Once the resource has been rediscovered, you can use the "Symantec Managment Agent Install" (Formerly the "Altiris Agent Install") Policy to reinstall the agent.