Deployment Solution error: "WARNING: You have exceeded your license count"


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Deployment Server console is displaying the error, "WARNING: You have exceeded your license count".


When the number of Deployment Server "managed" computer exceeds the installed license count, many normal Deployment Server operations will cease to function, function very slowly or may cause services to hang.

Deployment Solution 6 all versions

1) When applying an AUP license (also called a zero node license), it simply updates the "SW maint.ends" field but does not add to the node count.

Example of AUP license information:

Serial no: <number>
Desc.: <registration info>
Lic Never expires
Product: Altiris eXpress Deployment
   Server 6.1
Nodes: n/a
Options: PC Transplant 6.0,
   Desktop/Notebook licenses
SW maint.ends: Apr 18, 2006 (424 days)

2) The problem can be caused by corrupt licenses or a combination of a good licenses appended with a trial license.

Apply a Deployment Solution 6.x license that includes a node count. This may require locating and applying the original Deployment Server license file even though that license may apply to a previous version of Deployment Server.



Another option is to remove express.lce file and then apply the license.  See KB for details.