What are the minimum rights requirements that SIM looks for during an installation?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


What are the minimum rights requirements that SIM looks for during installation?


So far there is not a complete/detailed document on this yet. However, here are some of the minimum rights requirements as we see them during install with SIM 8:

1. User needs local administrative rights (a member of the local administrator group on the machine that NS/SIM is installed on). The SIM permissions required are local administrator access. If local administrator access is not available then SIM will not start.
2. For the DB creation (applies mostly to off-box as the local administrator will default to the sysadmin role in SQL Server)
    a. Either has the dbo schema in the database NS is being installed to
    b. Have the SQL Server Role - dbcreator - if they are creating a new database

Note: See Article 181352, "What SQL rights are needed for the application identity?" describes the necessary SQL rights for SMP 8.x.

3. For Altiris Agent Deployment, the user-specified should be a member of a group with local administrative rights to the machines they are deploying to.  This could mean a domain administrator but could be any user account/group that has been added as a local admin.