How to gather Inventory NSEs from clients
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How to gather Inventory NSEs from clients


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Inventory Solution


 When some or all of the expected Inventory information is not in the Resource Manager for a specific client computer, so clearing the client Inventory data from the problematic machine is suggested.


Run a Full Inventory task and capture the gathered information to determine exactly what information is collected and whether the Inventory task works as expected. If it does not work, clearing the inventory will allow for detailed information on what data is collected and sent to Notification Server.

Capturing NSE manually will allow for review the collected information and 'resend' to Notification Server by dropping these into queue folders for reprocessing to look for any errors at that stage.

Please follow these steps on a problematic client machine:

  1. Make sure that the latest Symantec Management Agent and the latest Inventory Plug-in are installed on the client machine.
  2. In Symantec Management Console, create a Gather Inventory Task,
    • Make sure that all Inventory information is set to be collected and the 'Send inventory changes (deltas) only' option is unchecked in Advanced > Run Options.
  3. Enable client-side NSE capture by following this KB article: 
    1. Open Registry Editor
    2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Transport
    3. Modify the String value "Capture Events Folder" so that the Value data points to a directory or path, for example, "C:\Temp". 
    4. NSEs created during Inventory contain the complete information Agent on the client computer sends to NS.
  4. Run the Full Inventory Task created in step 4 on the client computer.
  5. After Gather Inventory Task has finished, disable client-side NSE capture by clearing the previously configured registry value.
  6. Check if the Inventory data is updated as expected.

If the Inventory data is still NOT there in the Resource Manager, the next steps are to:

  • Review the NSE files to see if the information was collected from the client computer.
  • Drop the captured NSE files to the EvtInbox folder (C:\ProgramData\Symantec\SMP\EventQueue\EvtInbox) on the Notification Server and watch logs for any errors.