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What are the latest versions and release dates of the file for Patch Management Solution 6.x?
The linked Release Notes are intended to help understand the changes one can expect during the PMImport process.  They will typically be released with the PMImport and will be on the same business day as the PMImport.  This article with keep a rolling list of the last 12 months.
PMImports will follow Microsoft’s schedule to release on the 2nd week of each month.  If Out of Band bulletins are released there will be a corresponding PMImport provided.  To date these have always been available within 24 hours for English and 48 hours for all additional languages, however this is a guideline and may vary.
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See HOWTO32527 for the list of 7.x PMImport versions and release dates.
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Patch Managment 6.2 has reached End-of-Life as of March 7, 2014. 
Please see KM Article HOWTO93728 - "What do I do when Patch Management 6.2 SP1 is EOL on March 7, 2014?"

PMImport 6.2.xxxx.x (February 2014 4th Week) - No new data
PMImport 6.2.1390.x (February 2014 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.xxxx.x (January 2014 4th Week) - No new data
PMImport 6.2.1389.x (January 2014 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1388.1 (December 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1387.x (December 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1386.1 (November 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1385.x (November 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1384.1 (October 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1383.x (October 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1382.1 (September 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1381.x (September 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1380.1 (August 2013 Out-of-Band)
PMImport 6.2.1379.1 (August 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1378.1 (August 2013 Out-of-Band)
PMImport 6.2.1377.x (August 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1376.1 (July 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1375.x (July 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1374.1 (June 2013 Out-of-Band)
PMImport 6.2.1373.1 (June 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1372.x (June 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1371.1 (May 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1370.x (May 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1369.1 (April 2013 Out-of-Band)
PMImport 6.2.1368.1 (April 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1367.x (April 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1366.1 (March 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1365.x (March 2013 2nd Week)
PMImport 6.2.1364.1 (February 2013 4th Week)
PMImport 6.2.1363.x (February 2013 2nd Week)