How to subscribe to notifications for Symantec products


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On the Symantec Business Support Web site, you can subscribe with your SymAccount profile to receive software alerts for Symantec products. You can also subscribe to individual Knowledge Base articles. Software alerts include product notifications, update announcements, security alerts, and other important information. Subscribing to a Knowledge Base article allows you to receive email notification when the content of that article has changed.

In order to subscribe to software alerts or articles, you must log in to SymAccount. You can log in here.

If you do not have a SymAccount profile, click here to create one.


Subscribing to Software alerts

Software alerts are specific to individual products. You can subscribe to alerts for any given product.

Note: If a situation arises that affects more than one product, Symantec may send an alert that goes to multiple products. If this happens, and you are subscribed to more than one of the affected products, you will receive multiple copies of that alert.


To subscribe to Software Alerts for your product

  1. Go to the Business Support home page.
  2. Click Login using SymAccount.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • If you have a SymAccount profile, enter your User ID and password, and click Login.
    • If you do not have a SymAccount profile, click Register Now.
  4. On the Business Support home page, go to Support > Supported Products A to Z, and click the product for which you would like to subscribe to alerts.
  5. In the right sidebar, under Product Support, click Software Alerts.
  6. On the Software Alerts page, above the right sidebar, click the link to subscribe by either email or RSS.

Subscribing to individual articles
You can also subscribe to individual articles. This allows you to receive an email notification when an article has been updated.

For example: an article describes a problem you are experiencing but the article does not yet contain a solution. Subscribe to that article and when it is updated with the solution, you will receive an email notification indicating that the article is updated.

Please note that article subscription notifications are automatic and are triggered upon any change to the content of a document. If you subscribe to a document, you will receive notifications for any changes, even if those changes are minor.

To subscribe to an individual article, retrieve the article, and in the upper right, click Subscribe via email.