How to install a remote 32 bit Ghost Server console on another computer


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Ghost Solution Suite




How do you install the Ghost Solution Suite (GSS)  console to another computer?

The remote console can be installed by running Setup.exe from the DSSETUP directory located at the root of the GSS hard drive (usually c:\dssetup if localy ran on the server or \\ghostserver\c$\DSSetup if being ran remotely. 

  1.  After launching the Setup.exe program, choose the option at the bottom for Component Install.
  2. Clicking the Install button, read and agreeing to the License Agreement 
  3. If running setup.exe remotley on the server that you will be installing the remote console on modify the using the File server path to a format like this:
     \\ghostserver​\eXpress     The remote console will need access to this location.  
  4. On the next screen select the Install an additional Ghost Solution Suite Console option and select next
  5. On the next screen you can choose the option for installing the console On a remote computer or  On this computer depending on if you are running set up remotely or on the GSS server.     Fill in the remote computer name if you are pushing the Console to a Remote Computer. 
  6. On the next screen select install.   
  7. There should now be a short cut on the desktop for Ghost Solution Suite Console that can be used to remotely connect to the GSS server.