What is the correct way to apply Deployment Server Licenses?


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What is the correct way to apply Deployment Server Licenses?

Applying licenses to the Deployment Server is done by using the license.exe utility. This utility can be accessed in the express share as well as the start menu on the machine that Deployment Server is installed on.

Before applying licenses verify that  the DS console is closed on all machines.  This can be done by doing the following:

1. On the DS Server go to "Start > Run" and enter MMC.exe

2. In the pull-down menu select "File > Add/Remove Snap-in..."  then select "Add" and  select "Computer Management"

3. Once the snapin is opened go down to " Computer Management > System Tools > Shared Folders > Open Files"  In the right pane look for any instance of "eXpress.exe" being open. Right click on all instances individually and select "Close Open File"

Once you open the licenses.exe program you will need to choose a license file. These files end in a .lic extension. You will only want to choose one license file at a time in the first screen. Once you have done so, click next. On this screen you will see a summary of the license file you have chosen even if the license file has  expired. Altiris licenses work additive  so you will need to apply all licenses, even the expired ones. Notice the node count here. If it is "n/a" this shows the license file you have chosen is an AUP license. It does not matter which order you apply licenses. Click next and you should be at the final screen. Here you will see a check mark for replacing licenses, this is only needed if you are going to apply new license that will not be additive to the old ones. Even then you will only replace on the first .lic file you apply. Make sure the express.exe and pctwiz.exe are shown with an ADD next to there names. Click finish and you are done.

Apply all the .lic files you have for DS or PCT in this manner and you should be set.