How to determine if the Software Portal Agent has been installed on a client computer


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Software Management Solution




The Software Portal Agent is not actually a subagent/plug-in like other solutions use, but instead it simply creates links on the client system, that allow the portal webpage to be opened.  Because of this, there is no default reporting of the Agent's installation status, or a way to verify it is properly installed.

This can be changed, however, by editing the existing Software Resource for the Software Portal Agent, and adding a detection rule to it.  As an example, the Software Portal link in the System Tray icon is stored in the registry at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Plugin Objects\Menus\{bad772fb-bdd5-493a-8ff4-9d15bb628515}" so a detection rule for the registry key exists can be used.  The Start Menu and Desktop icons are stored as files on the client computer (under the all users/public account, not specific user accounts) so file checks for them can also be used.  An overall detection rule combining the various locations the Portal should appear can then be created, to determine if all desired locations of the Portal are properly in place.

Once the Software Resource is modified, a Managed Delivery Policy can be used to roll it out with the new detection rule, so it can be installed as any other smart software installation.