How to distribute Ghost Images via multicast


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In order to distribute a ghost image via multicast you need to run the following executable on the Deplyoment Server to start the GhostCast Server:

%ProgramFiles%\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Ghost\GhostSrv.exe

The following window should pop up. Please enter a session name (e.g. IMAGE), browse to the image file (e.g. client_image.gho) and click on "Accept Clients".

Your GhostCast Server should then be waiting for clients to connect.

After that please create a distribute disk image task and browse to the image file (e.g. client_image.gho) you want to deploy. Then replace %IMAGE_FILENAME% by @MCIMAGE in the additional parameters section. IMAGE represents the session name which you entered in the GhostCast Server in the first step. Once you created the job please assign it to your clients.

Once your clients are booted up to WinPE they should be waiting for the GhostCast session to start.

Your GhostCast server should now list your clients waiting for the session to start. Once all your clients are waiting, click on Send to start the session.

The GhostCast Server should then display the current status of the image distribution.

And your client should be downloading the image from the GhostCast Server.