How to use the Classification field in an advanced ServiceDesk ticket


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How to add, remove, or change Classifications

The Classification, a.k.a., "categories", field values on an advanced ticket can be changed by going to the Hierarchy Data Service. This is accessed in Process Manager by going to Admin > Data > Hierarchy Data Service.

To make changes, peform these under the Incident Management folder. All other folders, including custom folders, are not recognized by an advanced ticket. The Classification field pulls data from the Incident Management folder. If this folder is empty, or completely removed, the Classification field cannot then be populated, which will result in the inability to resolve a ticket. The Incident Management folder is therefore required, with at least one item inside of it.

After making any changes, perform an IIS reset by going to a command prompt and typing iisreset. If this is not performed, changes won't take effect until the next time IIS automatically refreshes, which may take an hour or longer.

Best Practices

As the Classification field works similarly to a standard dropdown field, certain window size limitations apply. This is not a defect of ServiceDesk but is a natural cause of too many available objects for the monitor's window dimensions to display. For example:

  • If there are too many entries in a specific classification, this will result in the classification selection box being partially vertically displayed off of the monitor's desktop space.
  • If there are too many hierarchy entries, this will result in possible issues of not displaying them within the boundary set forth by the component on the
    actual Workflow project form.
  • If an entry is too long horizontally, this may also be displayed off the monitor's desktop space.

To resolve these problems, best practices dictate using a smaller list of hierarchy items, or shorter named ones, or, increase the available space on the Windows desktop to display the entire user interface.

How the Classification field internally works

The Workflow project SD.Feeder.TechnicianIncidentForms, in the Primary model, in the Create Incident component, contains the Classification field. This is a SubDialogComponent, which has the ability to hold a multidimensional array of data. Normal dropdown lists use a DropDownListComponent, which only hold a single array of data.

Because a SubDialogComponent holds a multidimensional array of data, the Classification field cannot easily be converted over to use multiple DropDownListComponents. Doing this would require the user to be familiar with how to access the embedded model of the Classification field, use process variables in Workflow, and enable multiple DropDownListComponents to interact with each other. Please Note: Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist in implementing or troubleshooting a customization of this nature. Please contact Consulting Services if you require assistance in customizing ServiceDesk.

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