How to perform basic troubleshooting for a Workflow project
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How to perform basic troubleshooting for a Workflow project


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How do I perform basic troubleshooting for my Workflow project that is failing to work?


ITMS 8.x

Workflow Solution 8.x



Most issues that occur in a Workflow project are due to logic or programming problems that the user has inadvertently added, not to defects in the actual Workflow product itself. There are several troubleshooting techniques that can be performed to help isolate where such issues are occurring at. The purpose of this article is to help the user to perform these techniques.

Step 1 - Run the project in Debug mode

By running the project in Debug mode, the flow of the workflow can be monitored to see if it is executing as expected. (The directional arrows during the debug execution.) Afterwards, the execution log can be checked to see ...

- highlight components for pop-up too
- component guide
- product guide
- workflow swat
- connect
- narrow down to steps or component that has the issue
- ensure upgraded
- exceptions output to a log, use create log entry to track this
- check service ID
- Help info, component KB

Please Note: Broadcom Technical Support generally only provides "break-fix" technical assistance for the out-of-box Workflow product. For example, a specific component does not appear to be working as expected. This level of service does not include project programming, implementation, or troubleshooting assistance.

For more of this type of technical assistance please refer to the following:

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