How do I enable AClient or DAgent logging in WinPE PXE Automation?
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How do I enable AClient or DAgent logging in WinPE PXE Automation?


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How do I enable AClient or DAgent logging in WinPE PXE Automation?



  1. Open the PXE Configuration utility from the Deployment Server console.
  2. Select the WinPE boot menu that you would like to edit and click the Edit button.
  3. Click the "Edit Boot Image" button.
  4. When the "Altiris Boot Disk Creator - Edit WinPE Configuration" window opens, select the aclient.inp file under the Configurations section.
  5. On the right side of this window, look for the section that starts ;logfile=c. This is the section where logging is turned on.
  6. The log section looks like this:

  7. ;LogFile=c:\altiris\aclient\aclient.log
    ;LogErrors=Yes | No
    ;LogInformation=Yes | No
    ;LogDebug=Yes | No
  8. This section needs to be edited to look like the following example: 
  9. Change the location of the log from C:\ to F:\. (The drive letter F is usually the express share so the file will be saved to this location.)
  10. Change the LogSize to more than 10 MB.
  11. Remove the semi-colons as well as the "|" sign and the word No from the last three lines.
  12. Click the Next button and follow the prompts to re-create the WinPE Image.

The next time WinPE Automation is used, the AClient or DAgent will save a log file to the location you specified on step 7.

Remember to turn logging off again when troubleshooting is finished.