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How to manually remove the Altiris Agent when it is not installed in its own directory


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How can I remove the Altiris Agent when it has not been installed to its own subdirectory? For example, the Altiris Agent has been installed to C:\Program Files. Running the Altiris Agent uninstall policy (or even using aexagentutil.exe /clean) will cause all files and subdirectories in C:\Program Files to be removed, damaging the operating system. See article 152211 "Caution using the AeXAgentUtil /clean", which relates to this issue.


The following steps will help you to manually remove the Altiris Agent. Use extreme caution, as the potential exists to damage your operating system.


  1. Manually stop the Altiris Agent service on the computer.
  2. Run Microsoft’s MSIZAP utility to remove the installation from the computer.
  3. Manually delete the Altiris Agent-related files from the computer.
  4. Manually delete Altiris Agent-related entries from the computer’s registry.

If necessary, you can reinstall the Altiris Agent to an appropriate directory.