How to verify that the correct domain user account is being used during a ServiceDesk installation


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A ServiceDesk installation or upgrade requires a domain user account that has sysadmin rights in the SQL Server that ServiceDesk will be using. If a different account is used, such as the ServiceDesk service account, the installation will fail. You want to know if you are using the right account and if it set up correctly in the SQL Server.


Verify that the domain user account to be used is set up in the SQL Server with sysadmin rights and that this is the account that is logged in during the ServiceDesk installation. (This, or a similar account, is needed for new installs, reinstalls, or upgrade installs.) This is known as the "Installation Account". If the Installation Account is not used, and the Service Account or a different account is, then the installation will fail. Refer to the Additional Information on Servicedesk User Accounts section at the bottom of this article for more information.


  1. On the SQL Server, open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Go to Security > Logins.
  3. Click on the domain user account that will be used during the ServiceDesk install, right click and choose Properties. If one has not been added, add the domain user account.
  4. Go to Server Roles.
  5. Click to enable sysadmin. Also, public should be checked, at the least, as well.
  6. Click on the OK button.
  7. On the ServiceDesk Server, log in as this domain user account. This can be verified by doing the following:
    1. Open Windows Task Manager.
    2. Click on the Users tab.
    3. If the user name in the User column is not the user that was set up during steps 1 through 6, log off and then back in as that user.
  8. The installation can now be started using this user account. Note: There are other prerequisites that will impact the success of the installation. For more information, please refer to the following article:

How Install and run ServiceDesk with a domain account instead of a local system account

Additional Information on ServiceDesk User Accounts

ServiceDesk uses two domain user accounts:

  1. The "Installation Account". This account is used while installing ServiceDesk and upgrades. This account needs to be in the SQL Server's Security > Logins folder as a permitted account, which will have sysadmin permissions.
  2. The "Service Account". This account is used to run ServiceDesk after installation or upgrading. The Service Account cannot be the same account as the Installation Account, even if it too has sysadmin permissions in SQL, nor can it be the same account that is set up for the Notification Server (a.k.a., the Altiris Administrator, the Symantec Administrator, and the Application Identity account). The Service Account must also be specially set up on the ServiceDesk server by configuring it in .NET. This is the account that is referenced in steps 3, 4, and 5, of KB 50197.



Errors during the install that refer to permissions or database issues occur almost always because the user is not logged in as the correct domain user, the Installation Account.