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Which privileges are required to run an autosys job with a non-admin userid who never logged onto a windows machine before.


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When you run an Autosys job on a Windows machine for the very first time with an account that is not an administrative account - without having logged onto the server ever before - you will get a -655 invalid user/password error message in Autosys. This is due to the fact that the user profile cannot be created. If the user is an administrative user then the user profile can be created.


Assign the following privileges to this Windows account

Access this computer from the network (=SeNetworkLogonRight)

Allow log on locally (=SeInteractiveLogonRight)

Bypass traverse checking (=SeChangeNotifyPrivilege)

If your user is part of 'Users' group, it should have these settings by default.


Release: WKLASE99000-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent SE