How can I schedule exporting reports into .CSV files?


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How can I schedule exporting reports into .CSV files?


1. In the console go to " View > Configuration > Solutions Settings > Connectors > Data Sources"

2. Right click on the folder and select the option "New > CSV File Data Source" then go through the options:
 - Give the source a Name
 - Delimiter Character: "comma (,)"
 - Allow Exports

3. In the "Allow Exports" dialogue select "Write data to a specified file".

4. In the "Export File" box browse to, or enter the path and file name you want to export to. Then check the box "Create the specified file if it does not already exist"

5. At this point you have the option to select "Allow overwriting of existing data" but it is the customer's choice here.

6. Next right click on the "Import/Export Rules" folder and select the option "New > Report Export Rule"

7. Again give the rule a name. (I like to use the same name as the name of the data source I am using)
 - Select the data source to be used.
 - Click on the Export Report link and browse to the report you want to be running.
 - Check the box "Overwrite existing data" (if you want the data to be fresh in the file every time it runs)

8. As soon as the report has been selected you should see the columns contained in the report displayed. You can change the names of the output columns in the right box if you wish.

9. Enable the schedule, click "Apply" and then you can test the rule or select "Run Now" the rule should create the csv file and populate it with the report's output.