How to report on software not installed
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How to report on software not installed


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IT Management Suite


I would like to run a report that will show me what computers do not have a specific application installed.  How can I accomplish this?


The following is an example using Microsoft Office Word Viewer.  For your specific needs, you will have to modify the SQL used.  The results of this report are dependant on data being in the INV_AeX_OS_Add_Remove_Programs table.  It is also important that you understand the data in your database before using this example.  For example, in the report below, is looking for Microsoft Office Word Viewer.  What if I have MS Office Word Viewer?  In that particular case, you may want to use a Distinct clause.  Hopefully, the SQL below will give you an example of how this can be accomplished, and you can modify it for your own needs.

In order to put the SQL into a report, please create a new report and copy/paste the SQL directly.  Name the report, give it a nice description, and run it.

select * from vComputer r

where GUID not IN

                (select ai._ResourceGuid from vComputer i

join Inv_AddRemoveProgram ai on ai._ResourceGuid = i.Guid

WHERE ai.DisplayName  Like  '%Word Viewer%')

and r.ismanaged=1