How do I use the Get Registry Key action in Wisescript?


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How do I use the Get Registry Key action in Wisescript?


Use the Get Registry Key Value action to retrieve registry values. Fill out the following information within this action:

  • Variable Name. Enter a variable name which stores the value you are retrieving.
  • Default Value. The value, if any, that should be stored in the script variable if the specified registry database entry is not found.
  • Registry Key. The registry database key to be retrieved.
  • Value Name. If you are reading a named value from the Win32 registry, enter the value name. If you are reading the Win16 registry, leave this field blank.
  • Root. If you are reading the Win32 registry, select the root key for the registry tree that contains the value being retrieved. If you are reading the Win16 registry, leave HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT selected.
  • Remove File Name. If the registry entry typically contains a path to a file, and you want to obtain the path to the directory that contains the file, mark this check box. This does not apply to the default path. If you mark the Remove File Name check box, do not specify a file name in the Default Value field.
  • Expand Environment Variables. If you read a registry value of the type REG_EXPAND_SZ, all environment variables in the registry value are replaced with their actual values if you mark this option.