Deploying from client computers using Axsched


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How can a shortcut be put on the client's Desktop that will submit to the DS Server a request to deploy image_XXX to computer XXXX? Is this possible through Altiris methods?


Axsched is a powerful utility that now comes with DS. This utility is located in the eXpress share root. This utility can be used to run events from the client computers as long as the computers can access the database. This utility runs commands directly from the database.

Here is Detailed information on the commands that can be used with this utility:

Caution: Only run this utility if you know exactly what you are doing. Not choosing the correct syntax and event will have dire consequences on client computers.

Scheduling Utility
axSched (options)


  • /t Time to schedule
  • /n Don't notify servers of the changes
  • /y Suppress confirmation prompts
  • /o ODBC datasource name
  • /d Database server name
  • /u Database user name
  • /p Database user password

Note: The format for is "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm". If the date is omitted, today's date is assumed.
If the /t parameter is not used, the event is assigned to the PC but not scheduled (and, therefore, will not run). If the event needs to run immediately, choose a date in the past. If a group or computer name includes spaces, put the name in quotes. "All Computers" can now be used as a group option.

Example 1: Schedule an event called Office2000 to run on Fred's PC at midnight on 12-31-2000.
axSched Fred Office2000 /t "2000-12-31 00:00"

Example 2: Schedule an event called Office2000 to run on the Accounting Group PC at tonight at 10PM.
axSched Accounting Office2000 /t "2001-2-15 22:00"

Example 3: Schedule an event called ShutDown to run on all computers at tonight at 10PM.
axSched "All Computers"ShutDown /t "2001-2-15 22:00"