Basic Troubleshooting Guide to Email Notification Issues within Notification Server


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




What are the basic troubleshooting steps if Notification Server stops sending email notifications?


To troubleshoot this type of problem, the first place to look is at the registry.

By drilling down on HKLM > Software > Altiris > eXpress > AexMailQueue, a key will be found that is named MonitoredDir. This key specifies the directory that will be monitored for emails to be processed.

Next, by opening the directory named in this key (C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Mail by default), various subdirectories may be visible depending on various settings within Notification Server. By default there should be “SendMail” and “log”. If there are any .xml files in this directory, chances are they are unprocessed emails.

If the files exist, check to see if the Altiris Mail Queue Service has stopped. Chances are it has. By restarting this service, the queued email messages should start to process.

To further clarify this process, if valid .xml files are located in the aforementioned directory, the Altiris Mail Queue service moves the file to the SendMail directory where it is processed. Two attempts are made to send the email. At that time, depending on other settings in Notification Server, they are then discarded, placed in a directory called SentMail, or various other things could occur.

If the files do not exist in this directory, stop the Altiris Mail Queue Service and then try to trigger or send an email notification. At that point, check back in the directory, and confirm that the emails are indeed making it there.

If the files do make it into this directory, then notification rules, etc are firing properly, and so on. The problem is probably with the email server. Sometimes Reverse DNS has been turned on at the Exchange server. This in and of itself is not an problem, but when this is on, the valid domains must also exist in the “From” address field of the appropriate template, else the exchange server will toss these emails away before they are sent. Further email server troubleshooting may be necessary.

If the files do not appear in this directory, then the problem is probably with Notification Server. This can be due to invalid rule logic in the Notification Rule, or other server issues that would need to be checked.