How do I set my database to truncate the checkpoint log (Recovery Model = Simple)


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





How do I set my database to truncate the checkpoint log (Recovery Model = Simple) if I get the following error?

If you get this error, click OK. The database installation may fail if there is not enough space for the recovery model file. When the installation is completed or if it fails, set the database's Recovery Model to Simple as explained in the Answer section.

Note: For most enviroments, Altiris recommends that the recovery model of the Altiris Database (Notification Database) be set to Simple. For customers with a DBA on the staff, Full Recovery mode is a viable option, but it does require ongoing maintenance to ensure the transaction log files do not grow beyond the capacity of the storage device.  

Because key elements of Notification Server's data processor perform bulk-load operations (which partially bypass the transaction log), the Bulk-Logging mode should not be used for the Altiris NS database.

To change the database's recovery model, open Enterprise Manager, click Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group > (local)(Windows NT) > Database. Right-click on the database (usually named Altiris), and select Properties and go to Options. Set the Recovery Model to Simple (recommended), Full, or Bulk-Logged.

The following Microsoft KB article explains these recovery models in more detail: