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Remove resource from task after posting hours on it


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Is it possible to unassign a resource from a task if the assignment has actuals posted for the task? Removing a resource from a task even after adjusting timesheets to 0 hours, or after deleting the timesheets still results in an error "PRJ-07580: One or more staff members cannot be removed. This may be due to security, committed actuals or booked requisition."

Is it possible to remove the resource from the task, or further remove the resource from the project? This might be needed in a situation where a resource has mistakenly posted time to a task and later needs to be removed from the task.


Release: All Clarity Releases



PRE 15.5.1

Per the current product design it is possible to achieve this goal, however the steps impact a larger amount of data than what you may initially expect: you should be ready to remove all timesheets that fall within the affected time reporting periods, and all financial transactions on the project from not just for a specific resource but all resources. Therefore we recommend that you carefully review the steps below and decide if they are feasible given the scope of the problem and the impact area:

  1. Adjust the timesheets where hours have been posted from, zeroing out the hours from the task and post the adjustment timesheets. If project is enabled for financial, new transactions will be generated from the adjustment timesheets to back out the quantities in WIP. Complete the financial posting so that these new transactions are posted to WIP. If you query the WIP tables where the status = 0 (zero status = current record) you should come up to a net zero units for the assignment. At this point the resource will now show zero actuals on the task assignment
  2. Close the time reporting periods in which the timesheets for the unwanted assignments fall; mark the periods for deletion. Run the Delete Investments job

    *** IMPORTANT *** This job run will delete ALL timesheets from ALL resources that fall within the time reporting periods closed at this step. The impact area is all resources, on all projects, within the chosen time periods.
  3. If the project and the resource were financially enabled and financial transactions have been posted to WIP, you would need set the project financial status to CLOSED and run one job against this project: Purge Financial Tables job 

    *** IMPORTANT *** This job will delete ALL financial WIP transactions for the projects. The impact area is all resources on the selected project 

    You should now be able to remove the resource from the task, and remove the resource from the project team as well

15.5.1 and higher

Before 15.5.1, if a project had time entries or financial transaction data, you could not mark it for deletion. You had to delete the time periods that contain the actuals first. Starting with Release 15.5.1, you can delete investments with timesheet or financial transaction data. To enable this feature, select the Allow Marked Investments with Timesheet and Transaction Data to be Deleted check box on the Settings page.

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