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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




What are the known issues with a clean install of Notification Server? Specifically issues with Notification Server 6.0 SP1 and SP2.

The following items are known issues with clean installs of Notification Server:

During The Install of Notification Server the Setup Wizard opens with a HTTP 404 Not Found Error

Problem: During the installation of Notification Server at the point where it should launch the eXpress Web Administrator i.e. http://localhost/AeXNS/AeXNSConsole.asp, the Internet Explorer opens with a HTTP 404 Not Found Error.

Cause: This could mean the default web site in IIS is “stopped”.

Solution: The Notification Server is installed under the default web site, and if it is stopped, the pages will not load. When IIS is installed with World Wide Web Services component, it creates the “Default Web Site”. Going to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager, the Default Web Site listed under the server name can be seen. If it is stopped, it will show as “Default Web Site (Stopped)”. If it is running, it will show as “Default Web Site”. Or, going to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager > Server Name > Websites, will show the state of Default Web Site listed as “stopped” or “running”. Right-click on the Default Web Site and choose Start.

NS Install Setup Wizard Error "m Password is null"
Problem: A critical error is seen during the NS setup wizard on the ‘User Identity Settings’ page. The following error is seen:

Altiris Notification Server ErrorThe following error occurred on page ‘WizPage2.aspx’:Field “m_Password” is null. Null objects cannot be saved correctly.

Cause: This failure is caused by the NS setup wizard process having insufficient NTFS permissions to read the "Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA" folder. This will cause the critical failure and halt the setup wizard with the reported error.
Resolution: On Windows 2003 (IIS 6.0) systems the ‘Network Services’ user requires read access to the specified folder. On Windows 2000 (IIS 5.0) systems the ASPNET user requires read access to the folder.

Message: NS 5.5 must be uninstalled before NS 6.0 installation can be continued
Problem: Failed install of Notification Server 6 can corrupt the uninstall, returning the message 'NS 5.5 must be uninstalled before NS 6.0 installation can be continued'.
Cause: The Notification Server install is corrupt, and the uninstall is missing some vital registry keys.
Solution: The needed registry keys were exported and are attached to this article. 

HKCR\Installer\Products\4E5A8049C679AE34881E8883AE41C08D HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Userdata\       S-1-5-18\Products\4E5A8049C679AE34881E8883AE41C08D

This will allow the uninstall to complete correctly. A reinstall will then be possible.

Session timed out error when going through Notification Server 6.0 install Wizard
Problem: Session time out error when installing Notification Server 6.0 during the wizard.
Cause: This is caused by a timeout value located in the Wizpage1.aspx file.
Solution: Browse to the install path of Notification Server. The default is C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Install and locate the Wizpage1.aspx file. Edit this file and locate the line - this.setTimeout('document.all.ctlUserPassword_txtUser.focus();', 1000); - Change the 1000 value to 0 (zero) and save the page. Continue with setup.

Install: The Specified account cannot be verifed to be a valid account
Problem: During the Notification Server Setup Wizard - Configuring Services process of the NS 6 installation, the install will quit with the following error:

"The specified account cannot be verified to be a valid account --> Unable to retrieve the SID associated with the specfiied name. Name:Administrator."

Cause: This problem has been reported on Notification Servers that are members of Workgroups. The "User Identity Settings" requires the user to be entered in domain\username format. The format entered is invalid.
Solution: Instead of entering the "User Identity Settings" as workgroup\administrator, enter the account using computername>\administrator.

File or Assembly name Altiris.NS.UI.ControlsEx.dll, or one of its dependencies, was not found
Problem: During the NSSetup.aspx portion of the Notification Server 6.0 Installation the customer receives an error that says “File or Assembly name Altiris.NS.UI.Controlsex.dll, or one of its dependencies, was not found."
Cause: The computers ASPNET user account does not have the appropriate rights to the Windows System Temp folder that is used in order to compile the webpages before they can be sent to a browser by IIS.
Resolution: Browse to the Widows System Temp folder and give the ASPNET account Write, Read, & Read & Execute Security permissions to this folder. This folder is usually located at “C:\%Windir%\Temp”. However if the customer has a customer setup for this folder location that can be viewed by right clicking on my computer and selecting properties, once into the properties window click on the Advanced tab and then click the Environment Variables button and you will see in the lower box the entry for the systems Temp Folder and it’s location.

NS Installation Tips and Windows 2003 limitations for NS and Solution Installs
Tips Installing NS 6, and Known Limitations Installing to a Windows 2003 Server
Some problems have been found specifically on W2K3 install, solution install, and upgrades when terminal serving to the machine. The aexconfig process is not always launched as the correct user context and may not have appropriate permissions. Some simple rules to follow for install to avoid issues:

  1. Do not install or upgrade on Windows 2003 using TS access. The local console must be used.
  2. On all others using a SQL logon to access the DB, make sure the user is DBO of the Altiris and Altiris_Incidents database. Public access is also required on the master and temp_db database.
  3. If using the NS application identity for database access, the NS app ident account must be in the local administrators group on the SQL server (for the equivalent SA access)

When Installing NS or Solution, if the database credentials are set to the Application Identity, there are complications on a Windows 2003 Server.

  1. The User logged in to install Notification Server needs access to the database.
  2. Installing via Terminal Services on Win2k3 is not supported if not using SQL credentials.
  3. During Solution installs the user running the installation needs DB access.

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