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Inventory Forwarding general Questions and Asnwers.

Question: What type of traffic is generated during an inventory forward event?
Answer: Notification Server inventory forwarding uses NSE files to forward data between NS servers.

Question: How is the information categorized or grouped during an inventory forward event?
The information is categorized, or grouped, by data class. There is one NSE file generated per data class. However, should the contents of a data class cause the NSE file to exceed 2 MB in size, a second file is created, and a third, and so on, until transfer of the data class is complete.

Question: If I check the data verification box, what happens?
The data verification process compares the data classes between the source and destination Notification Servers, and if the data classes do not match up, then the source NS data class is marked as "NOT SENT", and the next inventory forward scheduled event will bring that data to the destination. This process does not function as a retry, and, in fact, there is no retry, until the next scheduled forward event.

Items to keep in mind when forwarding data:

  • To set up Inventory Forwarding to another Notification Server, in the Configuration tab of the Altiris Console, navigate to 'Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Infrastructure > Inventory Forwarding'. If the computer you are forwarding inventory to does not have SMS, you do not need to set up anything about SMS. If at a later time you wish to do Data Forwarding to SMS to either another computer or to the same computer (if you have installed SMS on the local computer) then configure it as specified in the Altiris Connector for Microsoft SMS Help.
  • If you have Inventory Forwarding to another Notification Server and/or Data Forwarding to SMS set up on a computer and you no longer want to forward to either a Notification Server or SMS, then all you need to do is remove the configured task for the one you want to remove. If you remove Notification Server or SMS from the destination NS computer (either a remote computer, or in the case of SMS, possibly the same computer as the Notification Server) and the Notification Server is still set up to forward data, you will end up with forwarding errors in sending Notification Server computer log files, because you have removed its forwarding destination. You should always remove the Inventory Forwarding to another Notification Server or Data Forwarding to SMS settings first.