How to rename, sort, or delete incident templates


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Can ServiceDesk ticket templates, saved by the user, be renamed, sorted, or deleted?


User-created ticket templates can only be saved or updated in the user interface. There is no out-of-box method of renaming, sorting, or deleting these.


Unofficially, templates can be renamed and deleted by in the database. These are located in the ServiceDeskIncidentTemplates table in the Ensemble database. Notes: Symantec Technical Support has not tested the following queries for any issues that they may cause and therefore cannot provide implementation or troubleshooting assistance for doing so. Use at your own risk. Also, before making any changes to the Ensemble database, first back this up in the case that any issues occur while making changes.

Renaming Templates Use the following sample query to rename the template_name field:


update ServiceDeskIncidentTemplate
set template_name = 'new_template_name'
where template_name = 'old_template_name'

Where 'new_template_name' is the name you wish to rename the template too, and 'old_template_name' is the original template name.

Also, you may also want to change the template_description field value accordingly.

Deleting Templates

Templates are created as two records. The first will be a record that contains NULL values that immediately precedes the real template record. Delete both records to remove these from the table. First run a query to display the table's contents, such as:

select * from ServiceDeskIncidentTemplate

Use the above query to find the template and its preceding NULL records to be deleted. Then run the following sample query to remove the template's NULL record and the template record:

delete from ServiceDeskIncidentTemplate
where ServiceDeskIncidentTemplate_id = 'null_guid'
delete from ServiceDeskIncidentTemplate
where ServiceDeskIncidentTemplate_id = 'template_guid'

Where 'null_guid' is the copied GUID from the preceding NULL record, and 'template_guid" is the GUID for the template itself.

Final Note


After performing either of the above SQL queries, if a ticket submission form is already open, close this. Then, open a new ticket submission form. The updated changes will then appear in the Select Template dropdown field.