ServiceDesk Active Directory sync does not update user email addresses


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I have updated several user's email addresses in Active Directory (AD).  I then ran the "Run Update Synch Process" and noticed that the user's email address has not changed in ServiceDesk.  How can I get this to change?

ServiceDesk does not update the primary email address of a user after their initial AD sync. This is working as designed as this is a key field in the database.

If no email address is specified in Active Directory, ServiceDesk uses the Account tab's User login name and domain name as the primary email address. If the General tab's Email Address is populated, ServiceDesk will use this instead, however. But in neither case will ServiceDesk update a user's email address after they're intial sync if either of the above changes in AD.

If a user's email address is needed to be updated, manage the user in ServiceDesk and change their email address there accordingly.