How to move a Workflow database from one SQL Server to another


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How do I move a Workflow database from one SQL Server to another?


The following steps describe how to move the Workflow "Ensemble" database from one SQL Server to another.

  1. Assure that the destination SQL server meets the necessary requirements.
  2. On the source SQL Server, using the SQL backup utility in the Enterprise Manager tool, backup the existing Ensemble database. Make a note of the location of the backup files.
  3. At a time when you are ready (meaning no users are using Workflow), stop the LogicBase services.
  4. Restore the backups collected in Step 2, to the destination SQL Server.
  5. Run the Workflow installation program, Symantec_Workflow.Solution.2009.exe.
  6. When you get to the database portions of the installation - make sure that you choose to 'upgrade an existing database'.
  7. Select the new location and credentials for the new database server and database.
  8. Complete the installation.
  9. Test - you should see your existing information back in Workflow.