Using Sysprep in Deployment Server Imaging Tasks


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Deployment Solution




What are the requirements for using Sysprep to create a source image for tasks within Deployment Solution?


The System Preparation tool, Sysprep.exe, is used in Deployment Solution to prepare an installation of Microsoft Windows® for imaging.


Sysprep is a utility provided by Microsoft.*  Because of this, support for its use within Deployment Solution is constrained by the requirements outlined in Microsoft knowledgebase article 828287.  The following is a short list of common unsupported applications:

  • Sysprep is used to create images of an installation that has been upgraded.
  • Sysprep is used to create a new image of a Windows installation on a computer that has been running in a production role.
  • Sysprep is used to install an operating system from an image if the image was created by using a computer that has a different HAL.**
  • Sysprep is used to create a new image of a system that was originally created by using a custom OEM installation image or by using OEM installation media.

Please review Microsoft's support article for a comprehensive list of unsupported scenarios.

* A comprehensive overview of the Sysprep utility is provided in Microsoft TechNet article How Sysprep Works

** Support for deployment of an image to a system with a disparate HAL is provided in Deployment Solution through the use of DeployAnywhere.