How to add an AD user to ProcessManager if you already have user with the same email address


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How do I add Active Directory users to the ServiceDesk or Workflow Process Manager portal if the user has already been created manually with the same email address?


ProcessManager in Workflow and ServiceDesk uses a users email address as a unique identifier.  As a result you cannot have two users with the same email address in ProcessManager.  One of the scenarios where this would be an issue is if you manually created a user within the ProcessManager Portal and then later tried to import that user from AD.  The following instructions explain how to resolve this and import the AD user into the ProcessManager Portal.


For the purpose of this document we are going to work with a fictional user Bob Boulder with email of  [email protected].

Find the manually created user in ProcessManager.
Click the Action button after the user and choose Manage User.
Click the Email Settings tab.
In the Email box enter a new email, for example [email protected] and click the Add Email button.
After the newly created email address you’ll see two icons.  The first is Set Primary.  Click this icon to set the new email address as the primary email. 
Once the new [email protected] email is primary you’ll now see the same two icons after the originally entered email address.  The second is delete email.  Click this icon to delete the original email address.
Click Save to save the changes.

Now go to Amin > Users > AD Users and search for the AD User.  Once found check the box next to the user and click Add Users.

 Now we actually have two users with the same name ProcessManager, the original manually created user and the one we just added from AD.  We need to merge the old user to the new user to complete the process.

Find the original user that we edited the email address to [email protected] .
Click the Action button after the user and choose Merge User.
This will bring up a Merge User dialog, click the pick button at the end of the Merge To: line.
In the user picker enter the proper email address for the user we just imported from AD. Using our example that would be [email protected] . 
Click Search and then Select next to the result returned.
Click the Merge button.  You will get a message similar to the following “You are merging [email protected] with [email protected] , this will delete the user [email protected] , do you want to continue?“ 

Once you click OK, the old users permissions are merged to the new user and the old user is deleted.  The new user will be a member of all the same groups as the original and have access to all the same processes.